Patrick Larson is an Austin, Texas based photographer. He has a unique blend of style which is developed from a broad range of artistic and photographic experience. Patrick is comfortable and relaxed in both the studio and shooting on location.

He began his passion as a photographer in 1980 and he specializes in portraits, landscapes, weddings, business head shots, and fine art photography.

Patrick is the father of two beautiful girls who have been his subjects for many years.

He believes in supporting other photographers by creating photography blogs where experienced and new photographers can post photos for critique to improve their skills and to share the joy of photography.

He has taught under-privileged kids at Gardner Betts Juvenile Detention Center to share his love of photography and show the kids the beauty of what is right in front of them.

He has had exhibits in Dougherty Arts Center in Austin, Austin Bergstrom International Airport, Thirsty Planet Brewery, and Austin City Hall to name a few.

His editing and post production expertise ensures the customer a quality finished product. He also teaches Lightroom and beginning photography.